UK vet - and ZTB survivor - comes to conference to raise awareness of threat

Jonathan Cranston, a UK vet who contracted and was cured of zoonotic tuberculosis (ZTB), has come to the 47th Union World Conference on Lung Health to share his experience and to help raise awareness of this issue.

Zoonotic diseases are animal borne and cross-infect humans; ZTB specifically will affect over one million people over the next decade according to World Health Organization (WHO) projections. The Union is involved in driving research, particularly in resource limited settings, that seeks to understand the host-pathogen interactions and other complex mechanisms involved in the spread of this disease, in order to treat and prevent it.

ZTB poses a threat to public health, food supplies and domestic and agricultural animal health. At The Union World Conference experts have gathered to discuss and address this threat in several presentations, abstracts and sessions, including a Satellite Session today, Friday 28 October, at 17:30 in Session Room 3B.

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