Workshops on a range of topics will be offered in full- and half-day formats on Wednesday, 26 October. These limited enrolment sessions are free for registered delegates, but pre-registration is required. Anyone not registered for the conference may enrol only in a workshop for a fee of 100 euros.

Workshops available during the Union World Conference: 

Building capacity for increased attention and support for integrating migrants and mobile populations in national and international TB programmes. (Opens in new window)
Building environment for active case detection, treatment management and adherence using the rural T4D model (Opens in new window)
Civil society: becoming equal and key partners in the national TB response (Opens in new window)
Confronting resistance: ensuring access to new TB drugs in the WHO European region with focus on Eastern Europe and Central Asia. (Opens in new window)
Developing counseling skills for TB caregivers (Opens in new window)
Digital health technology for the End TB Strategy: developing priority products and making them work (Opens in new window)
Ethics and human rights in prevention, care and control of tuberculosis: challenges and approaches (Opens in new window)
Innovative WHO policies to support the End TB Strategy (Opens in new window)
Lessons learned from increasing access to Bedaquiline and Delamanid for management of drug-resistant TB (Opens in new window)
Operational research skills in one day (Opens in new window)
Providing comprehensive patient-centred care: a conceptual framework for quality TB care (Opens in new window)
Quality chest X-ray (CXR) for TB diagnosis in adults and children (Opens in new window)
Suppressing resistance emergence in TB programmes using PK/PD science (Opens in new window)
TB transmission control: advances in the sustainable implementation of the F-A-S-T control strategy and upper room germicidal UV air disinfection. (Opens in new window)
What brought about a 10 percent annual decline in TB incidence? Lessons learnt from Japan, Western Europe, and North America (Opens in new window)


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Photo: Workshop on TB diagnostics held at the 2015 conference