More than 50 symposia will be offered on Thursday through Saturday, 27 to 29 October. Subjects are organised according to 21 tracks ranging from drug-resistant TB and tobacco control to civil society engagement and basic science. 

Titles of the symposia featured at this year's conference include: 

Active TB drug safety monitoring and management: a transformative approach to limit treatment-related patient harm
Addressing healthcare disruption and minimising drug resistance development among TB patients affected by conflict arising from armed resistance in Syria
Adherence to confront resistance: social and behavioral interventions in Latin America
Another transnational tobacco company in the making: the impact of the globalisation of the Chinese tobacco monopoly on tobacco control policies around the world
Asthma and COPD: a shifting landscape
Best practices and challenges in ending TB in correctional facilities
Biosafety and tuberculosis infection control: sharing knowledge, challenges & solutions in TB laboratories
Building research capacity in tuberculosis: the experience of training programmes and their impact in low-middle income countries
Challenging tuberculosis in urban settings and big cities in comprehensive TB control programmes
Dealing with Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
Demonstrated need for strengthened national stop TB partnerships
Driving real-time access to diagnostic data through connected diagnostics
Early warning system to improve patient access to TB medicines: from quantification to decision making
E-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery devices: where are we now? Regulation, opportunities and protecting public health
Ending TB transmission, stepping up TB infection control: lessons learned, opportunities in sight
Enough is enough: time to end preventable mortality among people living with HIV
High-dose rifampicin: recovering an old drug in the post-multidrug-resistant TB era
Implementing pillar three of WHO’s End TB Strategy at the country level: lessons learned from path-finding countries
Introducing bedaquiline and delamanid for drug-resistant TB under routine programme conditions: preliminary results from the End TB Initiative
It’s time to scale-up treatment of TB infection in high TB burden countries
M. tuberculosis low-level resistance: a challenge for the laboratory, an opportunity for MDR and XDR treatment
Magnitude and scope of TB stigma: scale validation and cross-country comparisons
MDR-TB and migration: from infection fundamentals to programme innovations
MDR-TB and XDR-TB treatment service delivery models in Africa and Latin America
Modelling to overcome resistance to TB drugs and to the End TB Strategy
Monitoring progress towards the End TB Strategy target to eliminate catastrophic costs: findings from the first round of surveys
Monitoring TB treatment: alternatives to microscopy and culture?
Moving towards integrated community and primary health systems to improve outcomes for women and children affected by TB and TB-HIV
Mycobacterium bovis: molecular epidemiology, economic impact and perspectives on global public health policy
New approaches and innovations in TB vaccine research and development
New approaches to MDR-TB treatment in children: from research to evidence-based implementation
Novel quantitative approaches in paediatric tuberculosis
Pneumonia: supportive clinical management where there is no intensive care
Policymakers and partnerships: building the political will to end TB
Qualitative research for tuberculosis control: what lessons can researchers offer to policymakers and implementers in tackling drug-resistant TB?
Quinolones: from bench to bedside
Reaching under-served groups to eliminate tuberculosis in England: patient perspectives, technological advances, and the role of the multi-disciplinary team
Reframing resistance: research and innovation to improve patient care and end drug-resistant TB
Resistance to public health policy, the unique vector: tobacco industry
Screening for latent TB infection among migrants: from controversy to consensus? 
Shortened regimens for the treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis
Should addressing tobacco use in TB and HIV patients be integral to disease control programmes? A case for support
Tackling second-hand smoking: a life course approach
Tackling TB in cities: lessons and best practices in urban TB
TB and mental disorders: putting the science into practice
TB elimination initiative in countries of the Latin American Region
TB screening and isoniazid preventive therapy for pregnant and breastfeeding women in resource-limited settings
The effectiveness and obstacles for social support to TB patients
The growing gender gap in TB: a consequence of resistance to recognising men’s vulnerability in TB diagnosis and care?
Trials of mice and men: recent advances and the future of TB drug development science
Tuberculosis and diabetes collaborative activities in the context of the End TB Strategy and Sustainable Development Goals
Tuberculosis in adolescents: confronting neglect, improving care


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Photo: One of the 60 symposia at the Cape Town conference in 2015