Abstract-driven sessions

Abstract-driven sessions

Abstract-driven sessions include eposter and poster discussions and oral abstract presentations, as well as late-breaker sessions on TB and HIV/TB. Research to be presented is drawn from some 2,000 abstracts submitted by researchers from around this world. These sessions will be held on Thursday through Saturday, 27 to 29 October. 

E-poster sessions: 

Better TB services for better treatment outcomes
Child and adult MDR with modelling
Childhood MDR-TB, epi, detection, isoniazid preventive therapy and training
Community-based approaches for TB
Eyes, ears and kidneys: MDR drug toxicity
From screening and integration to outcomes
GenXpert: exciting results from field implementation
Got the bug? Basic science
"How do you do it" using e-health to improve TB programme outcomes
"I need you": strengthening health systems
Latent TB infection: something for everyone
Revolution: harnessing mobile technologies to support client-centred care
Smoke-free environment
TB transmission dynamics

Poster discussion sessions: 

Adult lung health in Africa and Asia
Alternative diagnostics: from biomarkers, serology to X-ray
An intimate relationship: drug resistance and genes
As a team everybody achieves more: innovations to strengthen TB case-finding
Childhood asthma and TB: a potpourri
Childhood TB around the world
Childhood TB clinical and outcomes
Childhood TB diagnosis and care detection
Community-based, decentralised MDR care
Cost: socioeconomic impact on TB
"Do you want to know a secret?" The rising incidence of non-tuberculosis mycobacteria
Drug resistance assessment: methods, feasibility and results
Expanding the diagnostic landscape: looking beyond sputum samples
Extrapulmonary TB
From TB data collection to TB data use for decision making
"Getting better": service delivery reforms to enhance patient centred-care
"Help!" Identifying TB education and training needs and outcomes from selected interventions
"Help!": no drugs, no programme
Implementing tobacco control strategies
Infection control: knowledge and interventions
Integration of services: attitudes and lessons learned
Intensified case findings
Issues surrounding TB: medicines make you feel good though they can also make you feel sick
Key populations: all in
Knowing the enemy: MDR-TB epidemiology I
Knowing the enemy (better): MDR-TB epidemiology II
Latent TB infection testing: who and how
MDR- and isoniazid-resistant TB: outcomes
MDR drugs: access, supply and cost
MDR treatment outcomes
Media communication: for or against tobacco use strategies
Media engagement in TB interventions
Mental health, diabetes and other co-morbidities in TB
New developments in basic science
Optimising drugs for resistant TB
Prisons: the smoking gun
Raising TB awareness
Second-line TB drugs: new drugs, new resistance, new challenges
"So sweet?" TB-diabetes screening
Spectrum of TB care in key affected populations
Supporting MDR-TB patients: mHealth, nutrition, palliation, and health-related quality life
TB among refugees
TB contact tracing and latent TB infection
TB diagnostic pathways: improving its steps
TB modelling, prevalence and surveillance
TB mortality and recurrence
TB programme implementation and effectiveness
TB testing: a bouquet of approaches
TB transmission
The "rocky road" of screening and treatment outcomes
Tobacco control: policy legislation
Tobacco dependence and cessation
Tobacco epidemiology
Tobacco industry interference
Tuberculosis and diabetes outcomes: not always "so sweet"
"With a little help from my friends": linking the public-private sectors
"With a little help from my friends": understanding and supporting retention and adherence

Oral abstract sessions: 

Adult lung health: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic disease, asthma and oxygen
Advocacy and community engagement
Bacteria, vaccines and immunity
Challenges in TB diagnostics: an overview of methods and issues
Childhood TB, MDR and pharmacokinetics
Drugs for MRD-TB: challenges and successes
Enhanced case-finding and contact tracing
"Here, there and everywhere": how to end TB
HIV and TB: lessons from Africa
Improving patient care in MDR-TB
Internally displaced indigenous populations and health workers
Interplay of tobacco control and broader health agenda
Priorities in finding the missing cases
Prisons, slums and the homeless
Resistance to TB drugs: new moves and what next?
TB infection control: too fast, too slow or just right?
TB mortality
The changing landscape of tobacco control
"The long and winding road": latent TB infection testing and treatment
The tide is high: TB and co-morbidities
Tobacco packaging and graphic health warnings

Short oral abstract sessions: 

Drugs, vitamins, valves: the diversity of TB clinical trials
Improving diagnostics implementation: challenges and new solutions
Methodologies and models for TB education and training
SAD to have TB: smoking, air pollution and vitamin D
"We can work it out": understanding and preventing diagnostic treatment delays


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