Coordinating Committee of Scientific Activities (CCSA)

Scientific Programme Committee 
(CCSA representatives) 

Stacie C Stender (South Africa)

Adult and Child Lung Health Section
Andrew Steenhoff (USA)

HIV Section
Keren Middelkoop (South Africa)

Tobacco Control Section
Omara Dogar (United Kingdom)

Tuberculosis Section
Kevin Schwartzman (Canada)

Bacteriology and Immunology Sub-section
Stella Van Beers (Netherlands)

Nurses and Allied Professionals Sub-section
Linette McElroy (Canada)

Zoonotic TB Sub-section
Alejandro Perera Ortiz (Mexico)

Civil Society Representative
Evaline Kibuchi (Kenya)

The Union Executive Management Team Representative
Paula I Fujiwara, Scientific Director (USA)

The Union Institute Representative
Riitta Dlodlo, Director, Department of Tuberculosis and HIV (Zimbabwe)

Local Scientific Community Representative 
S Bertel Squire (UK)

Past Local Coordinating Organisation Representative
Zolani Barnes, TB/HIV Care Association (South Africa) 


The Union also thanks the abstract and session reviewers for their commitment and hard work.